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Meet the Staff

Stitches – Stitches has been with us for about 2 years and she is responsible for all the quilting.


Lily – Lily has been with us the longest – over 20 years!! She is the work horse of our operation and is responsible for sewing all the blocks together and applying the binding.


Sergio – Sergio is the newest member of our staff, having been with us for about a year. Sergio is really a backup member of our staff and is responsible for sewing edges that easily fray.


Wiggles: Wiggles is our staff morale officer and quality control. She is constantly checking to make sure your quilts are well sewn and your quilter (aka Mom) is properly rested for maximum efficiency.


Alex (Aka: Iron Man): Alex is in charge of our T-shirt press to make sure the T-shirts are all pressed to perfection to adhere the interfacing.

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