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T-Shirt Quilts capture memories and give them back as warm blankety hugs!

Meet Holly


Hello and welcome to Thread Bear Quilts!


We make beautiful T-Shirt Quilts to match any style or budget. We also offer Long-Arm Quilting Services, plus borders, backing, batting, and binding! 

I'm very excited to share my experience and passion for quilts and sewing! My hope is that I can create a quilt from your stash of T-Shirts, or maybe finish that quilt project you've never had time to complete, at a price that won't break the bank!

T-Shirt Quilts and Long-Arm Quilting

While we specialize in T-Shirt Quilts, turning your memories into cherished family heirlooms, we can also add beautiful edge-to-edge quilting, and even bind quilt you started so many years ago!

T-Shirt Quilts

Have a stash of T-Shirts you want made into a beautiful quilt?

That's our specialty!

Long-Arm Quilting

Ready to finish that quilt?

Need edge-to-edge quilting, borders, backing, and binding? We can do that! 

Quilt Photo Gallery

Enhancing Traditions with Technology

Just like authors moved from pen-and-paper to typewriters, and then to computers, quilters have upgraded their tools too.  See what is possible when you put today's state-of-the-art quilting and sewing technology in the hands of a skilled artist!

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