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T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts

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T-Shirt Quilts are wonderful gifts that combine fond memories and beautiful, comfy quilting. Whether you have a dozen T-Shirts or several boxes of them stored away, we can create a keepsake that matches your vision and your budget.


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What's Included

Our T-Shirt Quilts include EVERYTHING you'd expect. Unlike many other T-Shirt quilt makers, we don't charge extra for things like Backing material, Cutting the T-Shirts, a themed Border, and even Sashing - that decorative, themed fabric between the shirts.

Every T-Shirt Quilt we make includes the following:


T-Shirt Cutting

We select the best part of each shirt, and cut it to fit your quilt



A matching solid color border to surround the T-Shirts and sashes



We organize your T-Shirts into a beautifully designed quilt

Backing and Binding.png

Backing & Binding

Matching solid color backing material and full binding

01-QuiltTop - Labeled.jpg

Themed Sashes

Fabric between the shirts that tie them together in a perfect theme


Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Beautiful design, from our classic pattern collection, long-arm quilted


Available Options

Because your T-Shirt quilt is uniquely yours, and hold important and loving memories, we offer several options to customize your T-Shirt quilt. Check out the ways that you can make your T-Shirt quilt even more special!


Additional Borders

A single, solid color border is included with every T-Short quilt. You can decide if you'd like to use a print fabric in your border, add a second border, or maybe even a pieced border, to add real depth and interest to the quilt.

There are several options available, depending on your theme and budget.


Backing Fabric Upgrade

A coordinating, solid color backing is included with every T-Shirt quilt. You can choose to use a print or patterned fabric instead. Our inventory of available fabrics changes often. We'll work with you to select one that matches your overall theme.

NOTE: We can even use backing fabric that you supply, which may translate into savings. Contact us for more information.


Upgraded Quilting Pattern

We include an all-over design pattern, from our Classic Collection, quilted with our Bernina Q24 QMatic long-arm quilting machine, with every T-Shirt quilt.

You can choose to upgrade to a pattern from our Premiere Collection, which includes patterns with more detail and take more skill and time to apply to you heirloom quilt.

NOTE: We can even use a design pattern that you supply. Contact us for details on file format and technical requirements for the pattern.

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