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Long-Arm Machine Quilting


Quilting Services

We offer a complete set of quilting services, including basting, borders, edge-to-edge long-arm machine quilting (computer controlled), backing, batting, and binding. 

Edge-to-Edge Quilting
$0.016 to 0.028/ square inch
(1.6 to 2.8 cents) square   inch

Send me your finished, pieced quilt top and I will quilt a pattern of your choice across the entire surface of the quilt, using my computerized, Swiss-built Bernina Q24 quilting machine. We can adjust the size and density to match the theme of the quilt fabrics. Typical patterns for this option would include: Meandering or Stippling, Circles, Simple Flowers, Waves, Zig-Zag, etc.

If you select a regular density quilting pattern, and your quilt top measures 54" x 66", your quilt is 3,564 square inches (54 times 66 = 3,564). The charge for quilting this quilt top would be $53.46.

Custom Patterns
Contact us for Quote

Similar to the Edge-to-Edge Quilting, we can quilt multiple patterns in different areas of the quilt, a different pattern for the borders and corners, or even outline patterns in the fabric print or applique elements in your quilt. The possibilities are truly endless, and limited only by your imagination.  Need some ideas or suggestions? Give us a call and we can work with you to figure out a beautiful patterned compliment to your quilt!

Additional Services
$0.01 / square inch
(1 cent)  squa  re inch

We will baste the quilt sandwich together so you can quilt it yourself. You send us the quilt top, batting, and backing, and we will baste it all together. If you'd like us to supply the batting and/or backing, let us know and we'll include that in the price quote.

$0.10 to $0.20 / linear inch
(10 to 20 cents)  squa  re inch

The final step in every quilt; the binding holds everything together. If you supply the binding fabric, already cut, pressed, and rolled, we will attach it to the quilt and machine hem it on the front with a matching thread of your choice.

If your quilt top measures 54" x 66", your quilt is 240 linear inches around the edges. The charge for attaching and hemming the binding, which you provide, would be $24.00.  If you would like us to make the binding, attach and hem it, then the price would be $48.00 for that quilt.

Price Varies

The middle of the quilt sandwich - the stuffing - is called Batting.  We use 100% cotton batting to ensure your quilt will last multiple generations. If you would like an 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend, we can certainly accommodate. The pricing varies based on the material as well as the width of the batting, which comes in two sizes:  96" and 108".  For almost all quilts, except Queen and King, the 96" batting works nicely. It's when you get the really big quilts that you need to go to 108".

Backing Fabric
Price Varies

The backing is typically a single (very wide) piece of fabric that is the same size as the quilt top. We have a wide array of backing fabric in stock, and even more available from our supply houses. The price for 100% warm and natural cotton weave, ultra-wide 108" backing fabric starts at $18 per yard. If you supply backing fabric, and it is not wide enough to fit your quilt, we can piece it together (called a Pieced Back) and even square it up if needed, for $15. 

Hanging Sleeve
$0.30 per linear inch

Are you planning to hang your beautiful quilt on the wall? A hanging sleeve is the perfect addition! It adds a discrete space for you to put a hanging rod through the backing of your quilt for easy hanging. Measure the width of your quilt in inches and multiply that by 0.30 to get the cost.  A 54" wide quilt would cost $16.20 to have a hanging sleeve added.

Additional Details / Fees

Rush Orders

Custom Quilting

Minimum Fee



Contact us for a quote


You pay for sending it. We pay for returning it. 

Important Notes

Your quilt, in whatever state it is today, embodies someone's hard work, love, and affection. We also recognize that some aspects of the quilts we receive may be less than perfect, so please know that while we will do our best to enhance the beauty and minimize imperfections, we cannot correct piecing or sewing problems.  Puckers and seam irregularities cannot be "quilted out" or otherwise corrected. Instead, we will work with what you send us and do our level best to deliver the best result possible.

And finally, a note about liability...

We absolutely love quilts, and will do everything we can to care for your quilt as if it was our own, from the moment it arrives until it is handed to the delivery driver as it leaves our workshop.

That said, we are only human, and accidents can happen. Please be aware that by sending us your quilt you are allowing us to work on it, with the best intentions to complete the work without issue, but if something should happen, you agree to not hold us responsible or liable for damages beyond the quoted cost of the work you requested. 

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